• Designed To Fit Into Your Busy Life.

    Short lessons with applicable steps, designed to fit into a busy life.

  • 10 Weekly Lessons.

    One lesson a week, with 5 activities to help you apply it.

  • Short Weekly Video

    Each week starts with one short, practical video less than 10 minutes in length.

  • Do-able Steps

    Simply, practical steps to help you engage.

  • Get support & Encouragement

    Apprenticeship Lab Members can also access a forum where other students share their experiences and can support each other.

  • Featuring The following Lessons

    Week 1 - What do you mean by busy?

    Week 2 - When was the last time you did something spiritual?

    Week 3 - The quality of your day is determined the night before.

    Week 4 - Two moments that can change your day.

    Week 5 - First things first.

    Week 6 - The universal antidote to entitlement.

    Week 7 - Learning the Why

    Week 8 - The 3 relationships that define your life.

    Week 9 - Finding your own 3 circles.

    Week 10 - Saying "No" is a spiritual practice.

Is it possible to grow spiritually in the midst of a busy life? 

You are a follower of Jesus. But you’re starting to wonder if you’re really following. It’s not a question about belief. It’s a question about trajectory. Are you really going somewhere? And not just to heaven someday, but now?

Is following Jesus making a difference in your life? 

You want to grow, to mature spiritually. But your life is full and fast-paced. You want to slow down, but you’re not sure how. Making ends meet, raising kids, taking care of the lawn, moving ahead in your career — these things all take time and energy. It’s not like you can opt out of most of them, right?

When you think about spiritual maturity, you think of retired people who have hours to sit around reading the Bible, volunteering at church, and praying. Or maybe monks who live in a quiet cloister where they can think about God all day long. But that’s not your life. You wonder if it’s even possible to grow spiritually in the midst of a full life?

It is. 

In fact, God wants to be an active part of your very full life.

Being spiritual when you’re on vacation or have a lot of free time on your hands is easy. That’s when you have all the time in the world for reading, reflecting, journaling, engaging in deep conversations, and worshipping. Anyone can do that. But keeping your spiritual head above water when life is busy, that’s the real test.

“Not Just One More Thing: Spiritual Growth for Busy People” is a 10-week course that will help you sort this out. How can you grow in the middle of a busy life? What needs to change in your thinking? How can you include God in the things you’ve already got going on? Are there things you need to let go? This course is designed to fit into a busy life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do lessons look like?

Lessons are designed to be experienced one per week. Each lesson starts with a short video teaching the content for the week. Following the video, you'll find a summary of key points from the video as well as 5 simple, do-able steps you can do to help you engage the material. These steps can each be completed in around 10 minutes. Each lesson also includes additional reading on the topic, if you find you want to go  deeper.

How long do lessons take?

The weekly video is less than 10 minutes. Each of the 5 daily activities can be completed in 15 minutes or less.

When and for how long will I have access?

You will have immediate access after purchasing, regardless of whether you buy the Course Experience Pass, or become an Apprenticeship Lab member. If you buy the Course Experience Pass, you can complete the course experience any time in the next 120 days, more than enough time to compete the course. Subscribing Members get full access to this course, as well as all other Apprenticeship Lab courses as long as your subscription is active. In addition, Members get access to member bonuses including a forum for encouragement, support and feedback, and access to member-only live web events and Q&A sessions.

What is your return policy?

If you are not satisfied with the content or your experience after 30 days, send us an email for a full refund.

  • Jim Huddart
    Over the past 15 years I have heard Marc Schelske speak more times than I can remember. The one thing I do remember is I have never once been disappointed. No matter the topic, I learn something new and almost always go away with a broader view of the subject…I find that invaluable.
    Jim Huddart
  • Kim Puckett
    I also found encouragement to give the Bible a chance. I’ve been so blessed by the teaching of Marc Schelske. He has a way of bringing Biblical principles into everyday life. Never before have I felt so frequently that a teaching was written just for me.
    Kim Puckett

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